I'm a Workplace Happiness Advocate. At least, that's what I've reinvented myself as. Some people are sceptical of what I do because we've been taught to look for jobs, not opportunities. But after 20 years in the corporate property industry, I saw a need to put workplace happiness on the agenda. Because it wasn't seen as important. It was too 'airy-fairy'. I took that as a personal challenge to set this ingrained belief aside and spruik the virtues of workplace happiness and its impact on the bottom line, our lives, and our legacy, in any way I can. So I present, train, talk, and write about the importance of happiness in the workplace to bring it out of the clouds and into reality. Because those that take a proactive approach to employee engagement, employee experience, and wellbeing, will be the ones that attract and retain the best talent, optimise their productivity, and have a heap of fun while doing it.

Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.

Before I found my passion for workplace happiness, I was a jack-of-all-trades in corporate property in various fields including Workplace Strategy and Design, Client Relationship Management, Development Management and Strategic Consulting, to name a few. During that time, I saw how office environments, behaviours, leadership, and strategies can be the make or break of a successful business or team, be they corporate, government, institutional or private sector.

A Town Planner by trade, my passion lies in boosting happiness and productivity in the workplace - 'cause workplace happiness need not be a myth! With the incredible rate of change happening in workplaces thanks to 24/7 technology, the blending of work and life, and changes to working styles (think: rise of co-working spaces, flexible working, et. al.), it's imperative that improvements to employee experiences and wellbeing play a leading role in how workplaces respond.

This blog is designed to promote ideas, insights, stories and key learnings from my journey to boost employee happiness and productivity - and my aspiration to continuously learn as a Workplace Happiness Advocate.