Don't Be Dilbert: Survival Tactics for Uninspiring Workplaces

Hi there! If you've landed on this page you've probably watched my presentation at NDC Oslo and are keen to find out a little more about how to avoid "SMondays" - the moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in - and boost your inspiration, creativity and happiness in your workplace. Nice work!

I've pulled together a list of reference material that I either directly discussed in my presentation, or alternatively, will assist in you taking that 'next step'. In any case, I hope you'll find the below information useful in helping you on your journey to being happier and more inspired at work - because you don't need to be a Dilbert!

The video of the presentation is now available!

Survival Tactic #1: Invest in Your Own Wellbeing

Book: Rising Above a Toxic Workplace
Book: The Best Place to Work
Music: Music to Code By

Survival Tactic #2: Do Random Acts of Kindness

Website: Improve Productivity in Your Workplace: Implement Random Acts of Kindness
Ebook: Happy Manifesto

Survival Tactic #3: Connect with Your Colleagues

Book: The Happiness Advantage

Survival Tactic #4: Play to Your Strengths

Book: The Game Changer
Book: Drive
Book: The Happiness Advantage
Online course: Strengths 2.0

Survival Tactic #5: Adopt a Positive Mindset

Book: The Happiness Advantage
Book: The Game Changer

Survival Tactic #6: Find Your 'Play'

Podcast: Jacob Morgan - Episode 86: Primed to Perform - The Science Behind Building a Legendary Workplace Culture

Survival Tactic #7: Boost Your 'Ah Ha' Moments

Book: Primed to Perform

Survival Tactic #8: Fake It Till You Make It

Pluralsight course: Boost Productivity Through Employee Happiness
Book: The Happiness Advantage

Survival Tactic #9: The Butterfly Effect

Pluralsight course: Boost Productivity Through Employee Happiness

Additional references:

Gallup's State of the Global Workplace Report

Dilbert trivia

5 Tips to Boost Workplace Happiness

Peter Principle

The Science of Happiness

25 Employee Engagement Ideas

If you have any queries, comments or questions; or would just like a sounding-board for your ideas, please get in touch with me. I'd love to hear from you!