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When researching for my course, Boost Productivity Through Employee Happiness, I came across numerous stories about disgruntled employees and their impact on the workplace. Some made it into my course (like the infamous chicken licker at Asda) but there are many other unbelievable stories out there, too.

People frequently underestimate the power of the "pissed-off".

We know that disgruntled employees can have a significant impact on the company and fellow employees - they can create irreversible damage to brand, leak important company information, alienate valuable clients, impact fellow colleagues' level of engagement, lower work quality, and stop potential new talent from joining the company (just to name a few).

24% of globally surveyed employees are actively disengaged, which means they're emotionally disconnected and potentially hostile to their organisation.

Whoa! Actively disengaged employees are more or less out to damage their company. They monopolise managers’ time; have more on-the-job accidents; account for more quality defects; contribute to 'shrinkage' (theft); are sicker; miss more days; and quit at a higher rate than engaged (happy) employees do.

So this is clearly not a small problem. There are various schools of thought on how to deal with disgruntled staff - from firing them as quickly as possible, to calling for better leaders who know how to inspire and motivate them. But I want to know what's worked for you. So this is a... CALL TO ARMS.

What is your company’s experience with disgruntled employees? How do you prevent it? When it’s occurred in your own company, what did you do?

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