Pluralsight Courses

Part of my journey to bring workplace happiness down from the clouds and into reality is the creation of online courses that enable both leaders and employees to take control and seek to improve both their own happiness in their workplace and positively influence their team (and even the company). Much of what I do revolves around the use of ground-breaking and tested research to prove the significance and importance of happiness in workplace. It is not fluff. It is not airy-fairy. It is fact.

Completed courses:

Boost Productivity Through Employee Happiness: released July 2015

By changing the way we work, interact with colleagues, and lead our teams, we can provide both ourselves and our organisation with the competitive edge. This course helps you to understand why happiness in the workplace matters, where the biggest downfalls usually are, and how you can implement strategies to improve happiness within your team and organisation.

I love that this course has received a 5/5 star rating from users!

Play by Plays:

Play by Play: Solving Workplace Grumpiness: released October 2016

Studies show happy employees are more productive and more creative, but disgruntled employees outnumber happy employees 2-to-1. In this Play by Play with the fabulous Lark Klint and I, you'll learn what motivates employees, how to boost happiness in the workplace, and how to banish burnout.

Courses under construction:

I'm currently working on a course related to change management in the workplace from an employee's perspective. It takes (me) a number of months to construct a course, so stay tuned for a release date!

And do let me know if there's a topic of interest that you feel could feature as another Pluralsight course. I'd love to hear from you!