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I'm in the inaugural stages of my professional speaking engagement journey and am absolutely loving it! I'm always looking for opportunities, so please feel free to contact me if you/your company needs workplace happiness brought down from the clouds and into reality.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Currently on hiatus.

Previous Speaking Engagements


NDC Sydney

Presented a new talk called "Hack Your Productivity" at NDC Sydney from 17-21 September 2018.

Microsoft Team Talk, Gold Coast

I was asked to present a quickie talk on workplace engagement, and so prepared a new talk called "Boost Your Awesomeness". This covered 6 practical ideas that could be readily implemented; such the various ways gratitude and appreciation can be given, to the importance of investing in one's wellbeing.


Microsoft Ignite Australia, Gold Coast

Microsoft Ignite Australia is Microsoft’s largest and single tech event conference, and was held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre from 14-17 February 2017.

I presented a Hack Track called '5 Ninja Tricks to Making Workplaces Suck Less', which was highly entertaining and one of the most popular talks of the event (based on the number of delegates adding it to their Ignite Schedule). It was loads of fun! In the hope of sparking a conversation and challenging the notion that happiness is all "airy-fairy", I've shared the link to my Talk here.

While at Ignite, I was honoured to be interviewed by the fabulous Adam Cogan on the '5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace' for SSW TV.

AusCERT2017, Gold Coast

I was thrilled to be invited as a panellist at this year's AusCERT event from 23-26 May - Australia's largest and oldest information security conference - along with 4 amazingly talented ladies for a research-backed panel discussion on women and diversity, and the opportunities for women to achieve greater impact and success. Panellists included Shannon Morse (Hak5), Kate Pearce (Cisco), Mandy Turner (AISA), with facilitation by Rhea Naidoo (McKinsey & Company).

The 'United We Stand – Women and Diversity in Cybersecurity Panel Discussion' video from the panel discussion is now live.

NDC Oslo, Norway

It was fabulous to be selected to present once again at NDC Oslo 2017 from 12-16 June, which is always an informative, professional, and fun-filled event. This year I presented "Crappy to Happy: Strategies to Help You Kick Butt at Work", which builds on last year's #3 rated talk and was extremely well received.

The video is now live.

PubConf, Oslo

What happens at PubConf, stays at PubConf, but suffice to say, my Ignite version of "Crappy to Happy: Have you Turned Your Workplace Off and On Again?" led to me being selected for the Ignite Championship. This is the ultimate speaker competition: the best speakers of the night compete for the PubConf Trophy by bullsh*tting their way through a never-before-seen Ignite presentation. An incredible night and amazing amount of fun. And I won! :)

NDC, Sydney

I presented "Crappy to Happy: Strategies to Help You Kick Butt at Work" at NDC Sydney, on 14-18 August 2017. The video is now available.

SSW's Adam Cogan interviewed me as part of his Ask Me Anything series. The discussion covered various aspects of happiness in the workplace, with various examples and tips. The video is now available.

PubConf, Sydney

And NDC wouldn't be complete without the subsequent PubConf event, on 18 August 2017. I valiantly tried to defend my title on the back on my Oslo win, but alas only made it to the finals this time. A more deserving winner was crowned :)


NDC Oslo, Norway

Since its start-up in Oslo 2008, the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) has quickly become one of Europe's largest conferences for .NET & Agile development. Today NDC Conferences are 5-day events with 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 3 days of conference sessions.

From 6-10 June 2016, 163 speakers from all around the world gave more than 170 presentations. This was my very first international speaking gig and I was thrilled to learn that my presentation, Don't Be Dilbert: Survival Tactics for Uninspiring Workplaces, was ranked in the Top 5 amongst all the talks. And my Lightning Talk, 5 Ninja-Tricks for Thriving at Work had standing room only! I was also rated #7 on the 'Most Mentioned' tweets during the conference. I was on Cloud 9...

My speaker bio for NDC: http://ndcoslo.com/speaker/kylie-hunt/ and my video is now live!

NDC, Sydney

With the success of the NDC event in Oslo, I also spoke at NDC Sydney from 1-5 August 2016.

My video is now live!

PubConf, Sydney

PubConf is a series of rapid-fire Ignite talks from inspirational developers in an intimate atmosphere, and is a uniquely entertaining and insightful event - and an incredible amount of fun! Due to its informal nature, the talks are not recorded.

DDD, Brisbane

DDD Brisbane is a non profit community event run by IT developers for IT developers that took place on Saturday 3 December 2016. Talks are submitted and delegates vote on the speakers they wish to see - I was very proud to have been selected to present my Don't be Dilbert talk, which was received with enthusiasm and wonderful feedback.