I've been very fortunate to receive some amazing and very humbling feedback, suggestions, and words of encouragement on my journey to optimise happiness in the workplace. It's touching that people take the time to provide this feedback - and it just goes to show that recognition and a pat on the back are fabulous motivators - it certainly keeps me going! Here're a few of my favourites:

"Thanks so much for coming along to (Client's name) and helping us to be a better company. It's not going to be the easiest gig you ever get, but the ripples are already being felt... and what you are doing improves people's lives." Adam S, 20 March, 2017

"My success is in no small part due to you and your enthusiasm :)" Niel V, 13 March 2017

"I had such fun with Kylie; Iā€™m getting her to come down to (Client) for a day ā€“ I feel like Iā€™m getting a shrink for (Company)!" Adam C, 7 March 2017